Floral dresses and aviator jackets

This weekend was the first weekend that me and my boyfriend have been able to properly spend together without one of us having a tonne of work to do or me being ill (more on that later…ugh.) so we decided that instead of going out and spending money we don’t really need to, we’d makes go out and play with his camera. My boyfriend loves taking pictures, and I thought I’d take the chance while I could and get him to nab some of my wholesale nfl jerseys outfit; can you tell how uncomfortable I am in front of a bloody camera?! Please excuse what I like to call my ‘dead eye syndrome’. I have such an angry looking face, I promise I’m not an angry person though!

I bought this floral topshop dress in the sale a couple of months ago now, I’ve worn it a few times and really like how different it is to most things in my wardrobe. It’s really floaty though, so I feel like it could look like maternity wear, but I was massively grateful for its forgiving nature after eating a huge Nandos resulting in what looked like a 6month old food baby! It was SO worth it though. Om nom nom!

I wanted to say a huge thank you again to all of cheap jerseys you who sent me lovely messages while I was unwell last week. I know, I know, all I seem to do is get poorly, but I swear I’ve never ever been Watcher’s that ill before I came to uni! Never had flu before I came here, and then I ended up in hospital with a kidney infection! Basically, since my flu about three weeks ago, I’d had a really achy back and I just sort of put it down to the flu (even though I’ve had kidney infections before, I didn’t even consider that it would be that as I had no other symptoms…you know what I mean ladies ha!) So I ignored this pain for about three weeks, then all of a sudden I could barely move and I was having these horrible shivery fits because I had such a high temperature. I ended up in hospital for three/four days (honestly no idea, I was wholesale jerseys drugged up to my eyeballs!) and stabbed with so many needles 🙁 I’m still bruised from them! But I’m 100% better now. Moral of the story; never ignore back pain again! And kidney infections can be suprisingly serious. I should have been more careful as I already have damage to my kidneys, but I have learnt my lesson. ANYWAY, enough on that.

I don’t know if you can really see in the pictures, but I’ve been wearing my beautiful crystal necklace, it’s meant to help with healing and general wellbeing so it has not left my neck since I left hospital! I posted on twitter that I was colocar thinking about selling some rings on cheap jerseys here or maybe an external site; would any of you be interested? I get a lot of comments/emails/tweets/formsprings about my rings, and unfortunately I can never really give a proper answer. I’ve got a huge collection of rings, necklaces and earrings now, they’re all silver and most are one of a kind. But I’ve been looking into buying wholesale so that I can share my finds with you. They’d probably range between £10 and £25 (for really large rings/pendants) but are all 925 silver, not plated, with semi-precious stones in. Let me know what you think or anything else you’d like to see 🙂

And finally, I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this nail varnish. It’s really translucent when worn alone, but if you wear it over another colour it goes almost chrome-like, really love how well it goes with my fists full of rings at the moment.