Style Secrets for Flair

If you’ve been wondering what to do next with your hair and the options that can be considered that take your look to the next level, there are more than a few out there that many women will be interested in knowing how to incorporate into their style agenda. None of these styles takes a huge commitment of time, yet all of them yield a glamorous look that is impossible to ignore.

Flat & Wavy

Grab that hair iron and get to work! Iron hair flat and keep as straight as possible for a refined look that is easy to put together. Flat waves are subtle, yet are without a doubt a glamorous option that assures you of a look that is polished, yet low maintenance.

Shag It Out

One of the most versatile looks out there, a shag can be layered to your preference down the middle or volumized for maximum effect. This is a style that is a commitment that is worth the time invested because the payoff is huge and makes a lasting impression.

The Flip

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to adopt and is a voluminous hairstyle

that is fashion forward and is always trending. If simple is the name of the game, try this look and be on the go in a matter of minutes with a look that lasts throughout the day well into the evening.

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