Tips for Building Your Vintage Jewellery Collection

Estate jewellery can add some charm and Cynthia Findlay Antiques, which specializes in the sale of antique jewellery and manufacture of custom jewellery in Toronto, has some insider tips on how to build your vintage jewellery collection.

Buy Appraised Pieces

If you’re buying estate jewellery from a private seller, there’s really no way for you to verify that you’re paying a fair price for an authentic piece. Buying appraised jewellery has some benefits you might not have considered. First and foremost, you know the piece has value. If it’s appraised, you can figure out whether you’re buying something that might potentially grow in value. You can also insure appraised pieces, which gives you some peace of mind that your investment won’t be lost in a disaster or thanks to theft.

Learn More

The more you know about the metals and gemstones used in the pieces you buy, the better you can recognize the era or style of something. Art deco rings are very distinctive for their geometric shape and use of stones like emeralds or onyx. Edwardian pieces used a lot of platinum, since metalworkers first began to use the substance for jewellery making during this era. You can find inspiration to create new pieces, or look for the perfect aesthetic to match your look.

Lists Help

It might sound silly, but make a list of what’s missing. Most people have informal jewellery, but what about those few formal pieces? Even men need cufflinks and tie clips. Making a list lets you pinpoint what to look for, and helps settle lingering questions about which pieces you think you might want.